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1. Disinfection-Microbicidal Covid 19

Our company applies ISO-9001:2015 quality control system for decontamination applications and ensures our customers the quality of service they deserve and need.

In order to avoid sanitary problems in professional and domestic premises and to protect public health from the transmission of viruses, bacteria, fungi, (HIV,HBV,HCB, SARS-CoV-2 etc.) and diseases (COVID-19 etc.) it is an important need to periodically apply disinfection in areas with high mobility of people.

Proposed control solutions:

1. Application of disinfection by spraying with a low pressure pump or by fogging (spraying) with a liquid formulation.

The disinfectant we use is suitable for high-risk areas and a wide range of surfaces and can be applied to all types of surfaces such as pvc, tarpaulin, ceramic, rubber, etc.

The application of the formulation is carried out in accordance with the instructions for use as specified by the manufacturer and in accordance with the relevant approval from the competent Ministry.

The formulations we use are in accordance with the European Standard EN 14476 and are approved by the H.O.F as well as by the F.D.A and E.P.A (USA) and in accordance with the lists of the EODY.

The management and preparation of the premises prior to the application of the disinfection-microbioticide:

– Prior cleaning of the premises and surfaces from contaminants for the effectiveness of the application

– Precaution of food and kitchen utensils in closed cabinets

– Prepare paperwork in closed cabinets for greater exposure of surfaces to the disinfection application.

2. Application using a modern machine that produces superheated steam, at 180oC (non-toxic) and is in accordance with EODY guidelines, to kill all microorganisms, on equipment such as tables, value furniture, sofas, doors, wardrobes, etc.

The management and preparation of the premises prior to the application of the disinfection-microbioticide:

– Prior cleaning of the premises and surfaces from contaminants for the effectiveness of the application

Advantage of this application is that it leaves no residues, it is an ecological method and your space is immediately available after its completion.

Quality Assurance of Implementation – Covid Incident Response 19  

– After application, the disinfectant remains in the area from 30 minutes to 24 hours depending on the disinfection method used.

– Disinfectant formulations do not carry a residual effect.

– In the event of a trace of an outbreak with Covid 19, call us to recommend the application that will disinfect your space.

– The use of superheated steam application disinfects furniture, desks, tables, sofas, doors, cabinets, closets. Depending on the space and its equipment, we inform you in which places it will be carried out.

– It is also suggested to carry out disinfection application depending on the flow of people in your premises and the needs of the space for preventive reasons.

– Our company holds a pest control license from the Ministry of Development and Food with no. 865/2019.

– After the end of the application you will receive a certificate of application from our scientific staff.

Our company carries out disinfection applications – combating microorganisms SARS-CoV-2, HIV, HBV, HCB, etc. in every building and facility : such as offices, medical practices, diagnostic centers, day care centers, schools, hotels, restaurants, sailing boats, passenger ships, apartment buildings, apartments and luxury homes.

Combining know-how, experience, modern equipment, we respond with reliability and immediacy to your request, giving great importance to ensuring your health.

2. Disinfection-Microbioticide in abandoned or closed houses

Microbicide is the control of pathogenic or non-pathogenic microbes in order to prevent contamination of premises, food and people by potential diseases.

Our skilled personnel carry out applications with low pressure sprayers and fog spraying (nebulizer) making disinfectant spread to all affected surfaces and in the air.

The preparations used are non-toxic and have a high penetration capacity. Also, due to their high biodegradability, they do not cause damage to objects and surfaces containing plastic, wood and metal.

This application is particularly useful :

1. in cases of abandoned houses in need of renovation and where it is necessary to apply before the technical company’s staff enters to start the work

2. in cases of rodent infestation and contamination of premises with pathogenic micro-organisms from the deposition of faeces

3. after the completion of the reconstruction of an apartment or block of flats

4. in cases where a building or office floor has been closed for a long time and will need to be reopened.

The preparation used is approved by the H.O.F. with a wide range of action against viruses (hepatitis virus, AIDS/HIV), bacteria, fungi and has no residual action, and after the end of the application you will be given a certificate of application by our scientific staff.


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