Building Cleaning

We undertake general and special cleaning in business premises, operating with respect to the corporate environment we visit, with the responsibility and reliability that is appropriate to our cooperation with you through reliable and experienced partners.

We offer professional cleaning services and we choose constant communication with you, in order to constantly discuss your needs and respond to them effectively. By contacting you, your department manager sends you an offer based on the autopsy at your premises and based on the needs or frequency you wish the cleaning of the premises to be carried out.

Details of the cleaning work :

  • Initial & General cleaning of buildings (interior and exterior)
  • Cleaning of Commercial Premises (Offices, Shops, Shopping Centres, Warehouses, Cinemas – Theatres, Industries, Hospitals, Hotels, etc.)
  • Thorough Cleaning of Apartments & Homes after Renovation or Repair of your premises.
  • Marble crystallization – Polishing – Repair of wooden floors
  • Cleaning of Mockets
  • Cleaning of Floors (Air ducts – Lighting etc.)
  • Washing Shades & Curtains
  • Cleaning of Glass Panels (Internal & External)
  • Facade Cleaning
  • Graffity CleaningWaterproofing of Fabric Furniture and Carpets


Monthly cleaning of an apartment building typically includes one or two stairwell and entryway cleanings per week and one exterior cleaning every 15 days. The cost of the service will be determined after an inspection of your premises or by contacting the department manager and based on the frequency you wish the cleaning to be carried out (per week / per 15 days / per month / etc.).


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Building Management