Renovation – Repair of Buildings

Our company, utilizing its long experience in the field of facilities management, has managed to create important and reliable partnerships with companies in the construction sector, with the ultimate goal of maintaining and upgrading the value of its clients’ buildings.

With a people-centric philosophy that defines us “we see your space as our own”, we have the ability to create with you an outcome that will leave you satisfied in every aspect.

The services we can provide are detailed below:

  • Residential Renovation
  • Plumbing – Drainage repairs
  • Electrical & Mechanical work
  • Waterproofing & Thermal Insulation
  • Oil paintings
  • Plaster and Facade Restoration
  • Metal and Carpentry Works
  • Plasterboard construction
  • Stone Construction

Contact us to schedule a free inspection visit to check the condition of your building or residence by qualified engineers and to technically resolve any problems.


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Technical Building Coverage